Located in the heart of Boston's world-class medical facilities

Boston Bioskill's mission is to provide the best, most comprehensive lab experience available anywhere


20+ clinical lab stations equipped with the latest technology. Extraordinary amenities including conference rooms, private locker rooms and a lounge.


Cutting edge A/V technology with live video streams from labs to conference rooms (and auditorium 2015)

Labs and Events

Comprehensive lab and event planning services provided by clinically experienced lab technicians and event staff to arrange and manage every detail of your event from booking a lab and obtaining specimens to arranging receptions and catering.


A convenient location in the Boston Seaport district, minutes from Logan airport, major highways, downtown Boston and nearby dining and entertainment options.

Boston Bioskills Lab is a state-of-the-art surgical training facility.

A facility for teaching advanced surgical techniques and procedures through lecture and hands-on practice, and is dedicated to practical, clinical, and knowledge-based learning.

A dedicated partner in medical education and innovation.

Boston Bioskills is designed exclusively for healthcare practitioners and medical industry professionals to participate in and/or conduct educational, hands-on training courses to advance the quality of patient care through new medical research, techniques and/or devices. These courses take place within our state-of-the art labs, and can be streamed, live, via video to our auditorium and conference rooms – to cultivate and even wider exchange of creative ideas, innovation and education.

Boston Bioskills Lab is ideal for:

Surgeons and Physicians

Participate as the apprentice, and sometimes the instructor, in hands-on training involving new or advanced surgical tools and techniques. These procedures can also be shared more broadly through live-stream video to adjoining on-site conference rooms, and/or the auditorium.

Didactic Courses

Share the latest minimally invasive surgery and endovascular procedural practices that involve real-time case demonstrations, peer collaboration and evaluations.

Practical Labs

Our full-service cadaveric facility is outfitted with the latest operating room equipment where physicians and health professionals learn new surgical and/or endovascular procedures.

Medical Device Representatives, Developers and Companies

Teach medical surgeons and physicians the practice of how to use new technological devices for their patients. Expand the reach via live-stream video to adjoining on-site conference rooms, and/or the auditorium.

Clinical Trial Meetings

Principal Investigators and Clinical Research Coordinators examine and learn standard operating procedures through hands-on experience all in one place.

Allied Health Care Training

Practical way for nurses and/or medical technologists to advance OR etiquette, procedural and new equipment training.

Fellows, Residents and Medical Students

Boston Bioskills is an inspiring, education setting, conveniently located among many of our nation’s finest colleges and universities, allowing those with fellowships, who are residents, or medical students, local access to participate in hands-on surgical education, training and support.

Advanced Physician Training

Development of Medical Technology

Improving Medicines with More Effective Treatments

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