Our 8,000 square foot facility offers the latest advancements in technology and equipment.

Specifically created for learning, teaching, didactic and other forms of lecture and oral presentations, the Boston Bioskills Lab is also ideal for hosting reception and events, making it a turnkey solution for any venue.

Lab Features Include

    • OR-grade electric, adjustable diving-board style radiolucent OR tables with OR-standard rails that allow Clark-socket attachments
    • C-Arms and mini c-arms
    • Bovie electrocautery
    • Arthroscopic tower
    • OR-grade suction
    • OR grade ceiling mounted surgical lights with cameras
    • Multispecialty surgical instruments and OR-grade instrument sets including scalpel, hemostat, dissection scissors, Wheatlander self-retainer, Army-Navy, skin markers, needle drivers, pick-ups, 4×4’s and blue chux
    • 2 60-inch flat screen monitors for camera display


Specialty instruments including power drills, saws and high-speed burrs are available upon request.


The cutting-edge A/V system allows telecasting to any of the 7 monitors/video projections conveniently placed throughout the lab and conference areas, or for recording to a thumb drive for later viewing.


A comfortable and welcoming 80-person auditorium with advanced A/V features will open in early 2015

Conference Rooms

Boston Bioskills Lab conference rooms offer views of Boston harbor and are designed and appointed to accommodate both large and small groups in a comfortable setting. Each conference room is connected to the in-house A/V system for enhanced and integrated communications.

A/V Equipment

Access to BBL’s sophisticated communications system provides teleconferencing from labs to the conference rooms and auditorium within the facility, increasing participant capacity and educational impact.


The Lounge Area can accommodate guests comfortably for relaxing, breaks, meals, receptions, meetings or other activities. Catering is available.

Locker Rooms

Locker rooms provide comfortable changing areas and scrubs are always provided.

Sterilization Room

The hospital-grade sterilization room contains a washer/disinfector unit and steam autoclave for on-site cleaning of instrumentation and equipment.


Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)  is OR standard quality. This consist of scrubs, surgical gloves, gowns, shoe covers, facemasks, face shields and eye protection. Washbasins and eyewash stations are situated throughout the lab.

Radiation-Emitting Fluoroscopy requires use of lead protection for all persons in the lab. Lead aprons with thyroid shields are available at no charge. Each attendee is given a radiation badge and informed if higher than expected reading is identified.


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