State of the Art Facilities & Resources

​Boston Bioskills Lab (BBL) is a comprehensive medical training and event management services organization – our state-of-the-art surgical training facilities provide an “all-inclusive, comprehensive medical training experience” for our clients. Designed with surgeons in mind, Boston Bioskills Lab features:

  • Up to 20+ clinical lab station(s) equipped with the latest technology
  • Cutting edge A/V technology with live video streams from labs to conference rooms
  • Extraordinary amenities including conference rooms, private locker rooms and a lounge
  • Comprehensive lab and event planning services provided by clinically experienced lab technicians and event staff to arrange and manage every detail of your event from booking a lab and obtaining specimens to arranging receptions and catering
  • Three locations: Lexington, MA, Providences’ Historic Federal Hill district and Beijing, China.

Experience exceptional service

Clinical know-how, extraordinary amenities in desirable learning location(s) make Boston Bioskills Lab the premier choice for surgeon training, clinical trial and related product (Medical Device) development.

Our state-of-the-art bioskills facilities in Lexington, MA, Providence, RI and Beijing, China are meticulously designed from the ground up with the particular needs and interests of surgeons. Each of our facilities features multi-station capabilities equipped with the latest (fully-integrated) technology, didactic lecture rooms, private locker rooms, and many more amenities.

At Boston Bioskills Lab, our clients expect and receive outstanding service and the most comprehensive lab experience available or what we like to call “The Next Generation in Surgeon Training.”

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At Boston Bioskills Lab, we provide an unparalleled experience for surgical training. If you’re interested in booking a lab at one of our training facilities in Lexington, Providence, or Beijing, contact us to book a lab today or learn more about our remote training programs!