Boston Bioksills Lab: Surgical Training Facility in Beijing, China

Boston Bioskills Lab, LLC (“BBL”) or (the “Company”), an independently owned and operated company that focuses on providing Medical Laboratory and related services in support of physician learning, teaching and training, announces a new international location and bioskills lab training facility in Beijing, China.

Rob Anderson, Executive Director & Global VP of Sales at Boston Bioskills Lab stated, “The emerging middle class in China is demanding access to better healthcare, resulting in a renewed commitment from the government to improve the access, quality, and cost-effectiveness of China’s healthcare services. As the challenges to China’s healthcare industry grow and diversify, so do the opportunities – its healthcare market is expected to reach US$28.59 billion in 2026, increasing tenfold from 2016. This rapid transformation facilitated by both market needs, demand and accessibility to Medical Device advancements requires high quality training and education for Chinese surgeons. To that end, Boston Bioskills Lab is excited and proud to announce the opening of a new location in Beijing.  We look forward to bringing our “western” style surgeon training services, as a pioneering influence, in support of better patient outcomes across China”.

About Boston Bioskills Lab

Clinical know-how, extraordinary amenities and an ideal learning location make Boston Bioskills Lab the premier choice for surgeon training, clinical trial and related product (Medical Device) development.  Our state-of-the-art bioskills facilities in Boston, MA; Providence, RI and Beijing, China are meticulously designed from the ground up with the particular needs and interests of surgeons. Each of our facilities features multi-station capabilities equipped with the latest (fully integrated) technology, didactic lecture rooms, private locker rooms, and many more amenities.  At Boston Bioskills Lab, our clients expect and receive outstanding service and the most comprehensive lab experience available or what we like to call “the next generation in medical training.”