Boston Bioskills Lab Announces a New Educational Platform for Careers in the Medtech Industry

By 2050, the global population of individuals aged 60 or over is projected to exceed 1.5 billion. The aging world population is driving rapid demand for orthopedic implants and other medical devices to improve the quality of life for older adults. This growth creates a need for highly trained sales and marketing talent. Personnel who can effectively drive sales and support healthcare providers in a clinical setting.

Introducing The Medical Device Sales Institute (MDSI)

Boston Bioskills Lab is thrilled to announce the launch of The Medical Device Sales Institute (MDSI). The Institute is focused on developing the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in sales, clinical, and product management roles. The school has been issued a certificate of approval by the Rhode Island Office of the Post-Secondary Commissioner. We are now accepting applications for the Fall term, which begins on October 16th.

The course curriculum was designed in conjunction with MDSI Lead Instructor, Paul Benjamin. Paul is an 18-year industry veteran, who has worked in a variety of sales, marketing and training and development roles. Paul earned his BS in Biology from Penn State University. More recently, he received his MS in Instructional Design from Quinnipiac University.

Students will learn and train at the Boston Bioskills Lab in Providence, RI. The lab is a state-of-the-art surgical training center, designed from the ground up for the needs of Surgeons and Medical Device Companies. The training will combine classroom learning with hands-on, cadaveric surgical training.

The aim of surgical simulation training is to further the student’s case support abilities, including:

Practical knowledge of surgical goals and techniques

Intraoperative imaging

Surgical procedural steps

Operating room protocols

Design and implantation of modern medical devices

A variety of subjects will be covered in the classroom session, including spine anatomy, spine pathologies, implant design principles, orthobiologics, and imaging. Students will also learn about healthcare procurement systems and will participate in rigorous sales training – gaining competency while working within a defined sales system. This knowledge will be enhanced by extensive roleplay and feedback.

Finally, students receive job placement services, including sessions on resume writing, interviewing techniques, and practice interview sessions with our business partners.

Learning & Development (L&D) Solution(s)

MDSI is part of a larger effort to expand services to our valued Medical Device clients. Through a combination of extraordinary training facilities and a highly experienced training staff, we’re developing a comprehensive and compelling suite of L&D services. We’re committed to helping clients reach their goals through an engaging and informative learning experience across all stages of their employees’ careers.


  1. EXPLORATION (Breaking into the industry)
  2. ESTABLISHMENT (0-5 years)
  3. MID-CAREER (5-15 years)
  4. LATE CAREER (15+)

More information to follow regarding MDSI and our new L&D offer. In the meantime, please take a moment and review our MDSI website

Get ready for an even more exceptional experience with Boston Bioskills Lab!