Medical Device Sales Careers

Are you looking to advance your medical device sales career path or land your first job in the field? Boston Bioskills Lab’s partner company, Medical Device Sales Institute, can help!


The Medical Device Sales Institute (MDSI) is a licensed occupational school dedicated to equipping you with the clinical, technical and sales knowledge necessary to succeed in the Medical Device industry.  MDSI has received a certificate of approval from the Rhode Island Office of the Post-Secondary Commissioner. We are now accepting applications for our Fall term, which starts on Monday, October 16th.

Students receive training at Boston Bioskills Lab, a cutting-edge surgical training center designed for Surgeons and Medical Device companies. Get ready for a blend of classroom learning and hands-on cadaveric surgical training. Our surgical training focuses on enhancing your understanding of minimally invasive techniques and the design and implantation of modern medical devices. In the classroom sessions, we cover a variety of subjects, such as spine anatomy and imaging techniques. Through extensive roleplay and practice, you will develop the competency needed to excel as a sales representative.

Our program includes comprehensive job placement services, as well as assistance with resume writing, interviewing techniques, and practice interview sessions with our business partners. Your success is our priority.

Medical Device Career Preparation Training

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