Teach Train Inspire

We provide full-service cadaveric Labs outfitted with the latest operating room equipment.  It’s the place where physicians, health professionals and Clinical Research Investigators learn new surgical procedures, design, validate and test the next generation of medical devices.

Our facilities offer the latest advancements in technology and equipment, making it an ideal setting for hosting:

Instrumentation & Equipment

  • OR-grade electric, adjustable diving-board style radiolucent OR tables with OR-standard rails that allow Clark-socket attachments
  • OR grade ceiling mounted surgical lights with cameras
  • C-Arms
  • Bovie electrocautery
  • Arthroscopic tower
  • OR-grade suction
  • OR-grade instrument sets including scalpel, hemostat, dissection scissors, weitlaner self-retainer, needle drivers and many more 

Conference Rooms for Didactic Lecture

Boston Bioskills Lab conference rooms are designed and appointed to accommodate both large and small groups in a comfortable setting. Each conference room is connected to the in-house A/V system for enhanced and integrated communications.

Audiovisual Equipment & Tech Resources

Access to BBL’s sophisticated communications system provides teleconferencing from labs to the conference rooms and auditorium within the facility, increasing participant capacity and educational impact.

Lexington Meeting Spaces

  • 70 person conference center
  • 120 inch projector screen
  • 30-person large conf room
  • 12-person conf room 

Providence Meeting Spaces

  • 50 person conference center
  • 100-inch projector screen with integrated streaming from laptop or mobile device
  • 12-person conference room
  • The cutting-edge A/V system allows telecasting to any of the monitors/video projections conveniently placed throughout the lab and conference areas, or for recording to a thumb drive for later viewing. 

Locker Rooms & Lounge Area

  • Locker rooms provide comfortable changing areas and scrubs are always provided.
  • Lounge area is an optimal way to de-brief learning event with guests

The Next Generation
in Surgeon Training.

Revolutionize your medical training experience.