PRESS RELEASE 2/2/2022: Boston Bioskills Lab Introduces MISTIC



Boston, MA — (Marketwired) — 02/02/22 — For Immediate Release — Boston Bioskills Lab, LLC (“BBL”) or (the “Company”), an independently owned and operated company that focuses on providing Medical Laboratory and related services in support of physician learning, teaching and training, announces a new remote learning training platform for surgeons located in China, branded as Minimally Invasive Surgery Training & Innovation China (MISTIC).

Remote Surgical Training Courses From Boston to Beijing

The rapid transformation of surgical procedures in China is facilitated by market needs, demand, and accessibility to Medical Device advancements. To that end, Boston Bioskills Lab is excited and proud to offer proprietary sponsored MIS training courses to surgeons in China. BBL utilizes innovative livestream technology to teach MIS theoretical learning and in-Lab technique demonstration to surgeons located in our BBL Beijing Lab.

Chris McGeown, President & CEO of Boston Bioskills Lab stated, “We are excited to bring the latest minimally invasive surgery techniques across the spectrum of orthopedic specialties to surgeons in China. The pandemic and its lingering effects may have prevented USA-based expert surgeons from traveling to Beijing to train, but the demand and interest for learning MIS remains strong, resulting in a renewed commitment by BBL to leverage live-stream (real-time) technology to teach and train China surgeons remotely. The emerging middle class in China demands access to better healthcare. As the opportunities in China’s healthcare industry grow and diversify, so do the challenges and the need to augment our training strategy in response to the global pandemic and other geopolitical uncertainties. Our remote platform delivers “western” style surgeon training in a manner and form that’s as good or better than live and in-person courses. Most importantly, we believe this pioneering effort will serve to bring innovative surgical techniques and drive better patient outcomes in China.”

To learn more about this exciting new program, please call or email Steve Anderson @ 508-808-2509;

About Boston Bioskills Lab, LLC

Clinical know-how, extraordinary amenities and an ideal learning location make Boston Bioskills Lab the premier choice for surgeon training, clinical trial and related product (Medical Device) development. Our state-of-the-art bioskills facilities in Boston, MA; Providence, RI, and Beijing, China are meticulously designed from the ground up with the particular needs and interests of surgeons. Each of our facilities features multi-station capabilities equipped with the latest (fully integrated) technology, didactic lecture rooms, private locker rooms, and many more amenities.

At Boston Bioskills Lab, our clients expect and receive outstanding service and the most comprehensive lab experience available or what we like to call “the next generation in medical training.”

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