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At Boston Bioskills Lab, we can accommodate small to large group training sessions in our Lexington, Providence, or Beijing surgical training facilities. Our labs offer a variety of amenities to ensure your lab experience is seamless. You can choose to bring or ship your own equipment for use, or we’ll arrange to have the necessary equipment and instruments ready upon your arrival. We also provide small and large conference room spaces, as well as auditoriums to enhanced group learning. We also ensure all of your audio and visual needs are met, with projectors and surgical light cameras to stream video feed into the conference rooms and auditoriums. You may also record your lab or stream it via the internet to include other members of your team who weren’t able to join the in-person training experience or to reference later. Additionally, we can arrange to have caterers come in during lengthy training sessions. Our team at Boston Bioskills Lab takes great pride in offering a meticulous space and extraordinary service to ensure your lab training goes smoothly and efficiently. If there’s anything we can do to better serve you, we’ll be happy to accommodate your needs.


Extraordinary Amenities

Our state-of-the-art bioskills labs in Lexington, Providence, and Beijing, China offer an extraordinary experience for surgical and cadaver training. Our facilities are designed with the specific needs and interests of surgeons and medical device companies, with multi-station capabilities, fully integrated technology, didactic lecture rooms, and a variety of other amenities. At Boston Bioskills Lab, we believe that our comprehensive lab experience and exceptional service provide “The Next Generation in Surgical Training.” Our surgical training center offers continuing medical education and hands-on lab experience for surgeons, physicians, and medical professionals to train using the latest equipment and methods. We provide a full-service lab experience for surgeons to enhance their skills, learn about new equipment, and stay current with the latest medical advancements. In addition to trainings directly with surgeons, we host internal trainings for medical device companies, Research and Development labs, and labs throughout clinical trials.  We offer a number of consulting services for companies entering or involved in clinical studies, seeking FDA approval and/or working on new product development for both start-up and established companies. 

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At Boston Bioskills Lab, we provide an unparalleled experience for surgical training. If you’re interested in booking a lab at one of our training facilities in Lexington, Providence, or Beijing, contact us to book a lab today or learn more about our remote training programs!